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Mindy Paul an international Business Performance Coach, speaker and Founder of Mindy Paul Coaching.

As a high-level business coach, Mindy devotes his life to teaching business owners, how they can achieve breakthrough results in a short space of time, and start living a truly fulfilling and enriched life by unlocking their potential within.

His 25 years of business expertise spans across multiple industries including online and physical businesses, as well as consulting, client-based, e-commerce and retail.

Mindy focuses on helping others to scale their business, grow their team, multiply turnover and getting back hours in the week to spend with family or personal goals, by coaching them through a 24-week business & wealth building program.

What Is Our Mission?

Mindy's overall mission is to bring awareness to millions of business people globally that they can truly maximise their outer results by first maximising their potential within.

We focus on working with the root cause within to create permanent results. We do this through a scientific, step by step success formula to empower people into inspired action.

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Hear From Client Success Stories

Since working with Mindy, I have managed to grow my barbering brand from 1 shop to 13 shops (9 of those inside a year) and a City&Guilds accredited academy. I have a crystal clear vision of exactly where I am going and I am now able to help improve all my teams mindsets. I can’t thank Mindy enough and I would advise anyone to make the investment and have Mindy as your mentor if they want to see REAL success. I have made my money back multiple times in such a short space of time.

Zak Resinato
Managing Director, Jagged Edge Barbers

I was fortunate enough to meet Mindy at a high-level Bob Proctor event back in December 2016. I believe it was definitely an act of the law of attraction. Mindy has made a positive impact on my business, my awareness, my personal life, the way I look at myself… my life overall has improved. If you’re looking for a serious transformation in all areas of your life… Give him a call.”

Dave De Meyer
Founder - The Million Dollar Club

Since investing with Mindy I can honestly say my life has changed damatically and for the better and dramatically. The programme and Mindy's coaching is incredible and exactly what I need in supporting me to achieve my dreams, goals and aspirations. Mindy has an amazing way of getting me to look at things differently, to overcome my limiting beliefs and to motivate me into taking real action! I'm grateful to have invested in myself and hand on heartthis is one of the best investments I've made.

Lisa Carlin
Small Business Owner

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