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Hi, I'm Mindy Paul.

I help business owners get unstuck, start scaling their business and thrive just as they dreamt when they first started it with the help of my proven step-by-step program.

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Since investing in the TIR programme I can honestly say my life has already changed for the better and quite dramatically, and it’s only week three! The programme itself is incredible and exactly what I needed in supporting me to achieve my dreams, goals and aspirations. It has provided me with the knowledge, self belief and confidence that I needed in order to take action towards achieving my goals. However, I know that my progress has not been down to the great content of this programme, but also down to the support and encouragement that I have received from Mindy Paul. Mindy has an amazing way of getting me to look at things differently, to overcome my limiting beliefs and to motivate me into taking real action! I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have invested in TIR and hand on heart I know this is one of the best investments I will ever make, as it offers huge value in all areas of my life.


Big Love to Mindy who introduced me to the TIR Program.

“Spend Money to make money” and that’s exactly what happened when I made the investment and took the first steps on the TIR Program.

I have since managed to grow my barbering brand from one shop to 13 shops (9 of those inside a year) and a City&Guilds accredited academy. I have a crystal clear vision of exactly where I am going and I am now able to help change all my teams’ Paradigms.

I can’t thank Mindy enough for recommending the programme and I would advise anyone in business to make the investment and study the programme if they want to see REAL success. I have made my money back multiple times in such a short space of time. 


Signing up to the Thinking in to Results program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having Mindy working with me as my personal Mentor has made a big impact on my life. He is always on hand to guide and support me through the program, he has helped me build a much stronger self-image of myself and has shown me a better way to respond to situations in my life for the better. Since starting the program I have found that my level of awareness has definitely increased to the point that I now know what I want to be, and with Mindy’s skills, knowledge, guidance, and support I believe with confidence that I can achieve all my personal and professional goals. I have also seen a significant increase in my sales I would highly recommend Mindy's services as a Mentor to anyone looking to achieve great success in life.


For a small investment in time and money this phenomenal coaching program has has really helped me so much so, that I'm now going through it a second time!

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