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When you are ready to leverage your time, maximize your income and grow a business that runs like a well-oiled machine — you are in the right place!

Mindy Paul is a rapid results expert and highly skilled time-compression coach. He teaches business leaders innovative mindset, manifestation and business strategies to rapidly increase productivity and profits (often by 100% or more).

Mindy works with teams and individuals to reach significant business growth goals in a matter of weeks versus years.

Whether you dream of achieving freedom and fulfillment or you want to take your current business to a whole new level, Mindy will lead you step by step in making your goals a reality.

When you are ready to create a lasting-competitive edge, Mindy’s programs will help you grow your business fast through million-dollar "mindset, manifestation and business growth systems” and time compression techniques that create maximum results with minimum hours.

What Is Our Mission?

Mindy's overall mission is to bring awareness to millions of business leaders globally that they can truly maximise their results by first maximising their potential within.

We focus on working with the root cause of results so you can create a quantum jump the effortless way. We do this through a scientific, step by step success formula to empower business leaders into inspired thinking and action.

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Come and join our free Facebook community which is designed to help you maximize your resultsWe will focus on providing powerful business growth tips, hacks and guidance to enable you to earn more, work less and lead a business you love. Inside the group you'll find case studies on how Mindy's clients have grown their business to $100,000, $200,000 even $500,000 month within weeks of joining. Connect and interact with likeminded individuals and learn how to explode your results.

Some Client Success Stories

I have taken my business to $180,000 month while working with Mindy. This is in August while most recruitment consultants are struggling for work. I am attracting more work than I can handle. Working with Mindy has been a real eye opener as to how incredibly powerful it can be to work on your mindset.

Mike M.
Meyrick Consulting

I went from $1,500 month to $9,000 week within 3 weeksMindy helped me make massive shifts in myself and my business. My business has gone from strength to strength. He is supportive and amazing. He always encourages and wants the best for his clients. 

Paula F.
Paula Fox PT

I worked with Mindy for six months. He helped me understand how to use my mind correctly to achieve whatever result I want. I set up a side business during covid and went from 0 to $40,000 in 14 days while working with Mindy. It's worth the investment there is no doubt about it.

Issac T.
Outstanding Care Homes

In the past 8 years since setting up my business I have spent over $100,000 on marketing without getting clients. I decided to join Mindy and within a short period of time with him I flew to $72,000 month and began getting more clients than ever.

Rajiv G.
Wellness Academy

I have gone from $800 month to $100,000 month within 8 weeks of working with Mindy. My business has gone to a level I never dreamed of. If you are sitting there wondering if you should do it, stop getting in your own way and sign up to what Mindy has to offer.

Saj Z.
Personal and Professional Development Coach

I took my Accounting business from $6,000 month from over $100,000 month while working with Mindy and I have 20 employees working for me now and my business is growing extremely fast. I hardly work now and I spend my days leading my business.

Rikesh P.
Accounting Firm

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