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The ONE Reason Why Your Results are Average!

It’s time to get real and take it on the chin! I’m going to be blunt here! I used always put the blame on everything else – The economy, the product I was selling was being sold cheaper elsewhere, my branding needed to be perfect… I used to go through graphic designers like crazy, logo […]

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Every Business Should Have One

Over the years I have been in business, and I’ve strangely enough found that a large number of business owners don’t really have a clearly defined goal. They look at their accounts, and as long as their profit doesn’t dip, they seem happy with it. They even make a celebration for a 5-10% increase! Come […]

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Has Your Business Hit a Glass Ceiling?

Once upon a time, you were so excited about your business, you know in the early days when you couldn’t wait to wake up, feeling so in love with the world, as though you’re getting in a new relationship. You were on your best behaviour, always giving it 100% , your customer service was at […]

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