About – Mindy Paul

I am Mindy Paul, a survivor, a student, a coach, a dreamer.

I am here to walk with you through your journey in transforming your business to a high profitable one! Kicking in some of the teachings I've learned from my mentor, Bob Proctor, am gonna help you GET UNSTUCK on where you are now in the next 12 months!

There's no time like the present - it's time
to say Yes to success!

I believe in investing in yourself. Personal development is growth in all aspects.

Our goal is to push you forward and break out of the plateau in the next 12 months. To make your sleepless nights into goodnights.

Any of these things keeping you up at night?

  • business is failing
  • competition
  • running out of ideas to increase sales
  • business is running at a loss
  • not enough money to pay the bills or overheads

Believe me, I've been there too!

I am Mindy Paul, the Founder of Mindy Paul Coaching. Let me share a bit of my life story and how I ended up here.

Not a long time ago, I fell seriously ill and landed in hospital 

...Within the next 48 hours I could die any second...

I was in a seriously critical condition. I had been following Bob for years, I was a big fan and while in hospital, I came across Bob Proctor's "unlimited health potential" video that I watched over and over again. I then heard Les Brown's voice saying "when you're on your death bed and your dreams come to you and they ask you 'why did you kill us? we came to you but you killed us.' - This really hit me hard, I was on my death bed, any second I could go, and all my dreams could have all gone with me.

Realizations came to me. I promised that if I made it alive from this hospital bed, I would ensure no human that comes across me ever has to be in the same situation. I made a miraculous recovery that even shocked my Doctors, they had no medical explanation as to why I recovered.

And that's where it all started.

My company started because I truly want to help people, I want to accomplish my mission, this is my purpose, I want to ensure I achieve my dream and that is to help people around the world before my time runs out again. I will ensure that no one is ever in the same place that I was on that death bed with all my dreams dying with them.

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How did I get myself in to where I am right now

I have been to the ground bottom. I have been in very heavy credit card debt. I thought there was no way out of it but I had persistence.

I climbed back out of it. I also have been ripped off massively and scammed by a mentor who has put me in very heavy debt through bad advice.

I was on the brink of death, I have been extremely ill!!

BUT… I managed to turn my health around. I have always been searching for answers to success since an early age, because I wasn't brought up in a wealthy family.

I have been involved in many different types of businesses. I have experience in working in different industries from a young age. I've always had an entrepreneurial side while on the thoughts of caring for others'.


Let’s get you on-track! CLICK HERE to save your free session with me!

Here’s what you’re gonna get:

  • Clarity
  • Guidance
  • Confidence
  • Results
  • Relief
  • Support
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Accountability

You DON’T have to work long and hard to be highly successful!

It doesn't matter how bad things are, if you make the decision to do what you can to get out of your current situation, you can have anything you want!

I used to think that I was the only human on earth exempt from the universal laws and the law of attraction. But even I have managed to get out of the darkest of times!

I was the class clown that never took studying seriously, education wasn't for me and I had poor grades…

BUT… I always knew I would make it somehow!

This proves that you don't have to be an A-grade student to be massively successful, which is a massive paradigm that was drilled in me from an early age!

If you feel like you’re in the rut of things, let’s chat! CLICK HERE I’m here to help!

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