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Why You’re REALLY Stuck in Business (and how to change it)

Are you the BEST version of YOU right now? What if there was so much of you that you could bring to the party?

Engage your imagination for a moment. What more would you like to do – this could be something to do with the position you hold in your job, or something more that you want to accomplish, but something is holding you back.

Do you find yourself sat at the traffic lights having a secret conversation with yourself? What do you talk to yourself about?

We’re all doing it, maybe not out loud in a public space, but see if that conversation is empowering, or limiting.

Think about a situation that you would really love to resolve.

Have you ever seen a business, or a position in a job being taken over by someone new, and the results just took off into space?

The thing is we can ALL achieve bigger greater results if we work on ourselves to uncover a better version of us! We often hope for things to change, but the rock bottom truth is:

We must change to grow, we must stretch ourselves, we must get uncomfortable to REALLY have a shift.

Who really wants to get uncomfortable, right? This is why so many people remain stuck, because they don’t want to do things that may cause discomfort, even though they are really fed up with where they are in life. The next thing is they often get emotionally involved with that discomfort and become down and depressed.

They think about changing, they tell themselves enough is enough, I’m going to snap out of this, then fast forward two years – the situation is worse, the hole is deeper. How do I know, you ask? Because I was this very person I’m describing.

Believe me it was no fun, I tried for years and years to break out of that horrible feeling. I knew I was worth so much more, I knew I was a good, honest person, but that alone, although these were great qualities to have, it simply isn’t enough to grow your income, your business, and become highly successful.

       This is why good things don’t always happen to good people.

I’m sure you’re a decent person, who’s honest and hard working , but you may really be struggling to get better results, not just short lived, but permanent results.

TIME TO CHANGE: Here’s a little fun exercise you can do right now, take a look at your way of doing things… Are there certain things that you do that other people you’re working with may find annoying, although you may not be doing these certain things to annoy people?

If you’re in sales – are you selling with too much pressure? Are you too forceful? Do you listen and engage your perception on other peoples way of thinking?

How could you make positive changes in your personality (you may be telling yourself why the heck should I change, they can accept me for who I am…) I was the same!

But I really looked deep within me and looked at other good quality character traits, to see how I could be a better Boss who empowers others by bringing the best out of them!


“Is there room for improvement that will propel me closer to the success I want?”

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Mindy Paul is a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and worldwide mentor who works directly with Bob Proctor. Bob is considered one of the world’s greatest authorities on attracting wealth. Not only is Mindy part of Bob Proctor’s inner circle, he is also devoted to mentoring individuals and business owners achieve massive success! Get in touch with Mindy here.

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