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When was the last time you’ve decided that no matter what, whatever it takes, it’s time for a change?

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Your business can blow up!

BUT… only if you know how to shift your way of thinking.

Your sales could dramatically increase!

BUT… only if you know what you truly desire!

Your life could be a whole lot easier!

BUT… only if you believe!

The problem is, since we were young, our minds have been programmed to survive but  not to thrive!

Go back to your childhood and remember the situations you had to go through. Think about the words that our family and friends and teachers instill in us growing up. All these play parts into building a cloud of beliefs. Beliefs that our minds created to protect us.

But these… ARE just Paradigms!

Paradigms that keep your business from moving to the next level! Paradigms that leave you struggling to make ends meet!

​​​​Are you just going to keep asking...

  • Why is this always happening to me?
  • When can I surpass my income goal?
  • Can I ever have an overflow of success?
  • What do I do, I don’t have enough?
  • Why do I always have to pay these bills?
  • When is this gonna end?
  • Am I going to die a failure?

These are the exact questions I asked myself years ago. Questions I never want to go back to now. Questions I don’t want you ask yourself either. That is why I am so passionate to share with you the steps I took to get out of that same rut!

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Thinking Into Results is the program that helped me turn tens of thousands of dollars of heavy debt to tens of thousands of profit, positive bank account, dream business – dream life.

My mentor Bob Proctor, the #1 teacher in the world on human potential, designed this program for people like you and I who desire to live a fulfilling life and know that this IS possible!

Good News!

You CAN change paradigms! BUT first you have to DECIDE! With Thinking Into Results, you will...

Get crystal clear on what you truly desire!

  • Eliminate your limiting beliefs!
  • Become a Manifesting Machine of your goals & dreams easily!
  • Overcome the fear of taking the next big step for your business
  • Shift your energy for good to that of a successful person that you are
  • Sky rocket your sales by making a huge positive change in your vibration
  • Improve your relationship with others by working on yourself
  • Re-program your thinking and discover how to respond to your situations in alignment to manifesting your desires
  • Finally reach some REALLY CRAZY GOALS
  • Transform your ideas into physical reality
  • You CAN change paradigms! BUT first you have to decide! Decide to eliminate them for good!!

Let me show you what you’ll get!

The Thinking Into Results business development program with me is specifically designed to change your paradigms of thinking, realign your mind-set and put you on the right track to wealth and abundance.

(12) TwELVE 60-min bi-weekly group coaching calls
lifetime access to the Thinking Into Results program 

My goal is to ensure your success by the time we wrap up this program!

I bet right now your paradigm is telling you...

  • Nothing can help me. I'm too buried.
  • I'm not rich to join this kind of program.
  • I need to change first before I enroll
  • I need to reach my goal first before I sign up
  • I'm not good enough for this
  • No money's gonna come!


AND see these Transformational Changes you can expect After Completing Thinking Into Results!

Unlike never before, you WILL actually get the results that you truly want and deserve, providing you follow the program exactly. Remember! You're working with the #1 teacher on human potential in the world, Bob Proctor.

This program worked for me and people all over the world. It has produced hundred of millions of income profit for people like you, Olympic athletes and Oscar nominees. Bob could easily paper his walls with the number of glowing testimonials he has received from the vast amount of successful students.

Thinking Into Results will really open your mind to your true potential, revealing secrets and techniques that hardly anyone knows about because only those who are really looking for answers will seek out this truth.

​​​​Thinking Into Results is helping individuals to huge corporations all over the world.

You will learn to re-program your thinking, which alters your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You will see the world from a completely different perspective. You will see things that you never noticed before although they were always there right in front of you.

You will think differently about your life, your goals, your relationships and your health.

You will finally gain control of your life

Your thoughts will transform into actions that will bring you real permanent results… the results you want and truly deserve - whatever they may be!

  • No longer will you be at the mercy of other people’s decisions.
  • No longer will you wander through your precious life making the same mistakes over and over.

You will learn to do things by the universal law, and not by chance.


 It has provided me with the knowledge, self belief and confidence that I needed in order to take action towards achieving my goals.

"Since investing in the TIR programme I can honestly say my life has already changed for the better and quite dramatically, and it’s only week three! The programme itself is incredible and exactly what I needed in supporting me to achieve my dreams, goals and aspirations. It has provided me with the knowledge, self belief and confidence that I needed in order to take action towards achieving my goals. However, I know that my progress has not been down to the great content of this programme, but also down to the support and encouragement that I have received from Mindy Paul. Mindy has an amazing way of getting me to look at things differently, to overcome my limiting beliefs and to motivate me into taking real action! I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have invested in TIR and hand on heart I know this is one of the best investments I will ever make, as it offers huge value in all areas of my life."


I have a crystal clear vision of exactly where I am going and I am now able to help change all my teams’ Paradigms.

"Big Love to Mindy who introduced me to the TIR Program.
“Spend Money to make money” and that’s exactly what happened when I made the investment and took the first steps on the TIR Program.

I have since managed to grow my barbering brand from one shop to 13 shops (9 of those inside a year) and a City&Guilds accredited academy. I have a crystal clear vision of exactly where I am going and I am now able to help change all my teams’ Paradigms.
I can’t thank Mindy enough for recommending the programme and I would advise anyone in business to make the investment and study the programme if they want to see REAL success. I have made my money back multiple times in such a short space of time. "


he has helped me build a much stronger self-image of myself and has shown me a better way to respond to situations in my life for the better.

"Signing up to the Thinking in to Results program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having Mindy working with me as my personal Mentor has made a big impact on my life. He is always on hand to guide and support me through the program, he has helped me build a much stronger self-image of myself and has shown me a better way to respond to situations in my life for the better. Since starting the program I have found that my level of awareness has definitely increased to the point that I now know what I want to be, and with Mindy’s skills, knowledge, guidance, and support I believe with confidence that I can achieve all my personal and professional goals. I have also seen a significant increase in my sales I would highly recommend Mindy's services as a Mentor to anyone looking to achieve great success in life.

For a small investment in time and money this phenomenal coaching program has has really helped me so much so, that I'm now going through it a second time!"


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​​​​​​​​Why am I  here talking to you?

My name is Mindy Paul and I was exactly like the person I have just been describing.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. I was told from an early age that I would never amount to anything and I truly believed this, not to mention every other statements “be happy with what you have”, “it’s wrong to want money”.

I worked part-time in a retail shop, I ran a car cleaning business from my home, both at the age of 16, to be able to buy what rich kids can buy.

Eventually, I borrowed some money from my parents and set up a carpet cleaning business. My entrepreneurial side really kicked in as I set up and managed several online and offline businesses, I desperately wanted the big house, sports car, happy lifestyle. After a whirlwind of successful enterprises including property investment, my whole world came crashing down when bad advice cost me my business leaving me deep in debt, really struggling to make ends meet.

I then became resigned to the fact that no matter what I did to make things better in my life, I was always going to lose in the end.

Believe me… I really do know what it’s like to feel like a failure.

So here I was… almost broke, in debt, two children to support with a dull future… or so I thought… but at least I was still alive!

Depression soon took over and then a serious health scare and I was rushed to a London hospital, having been told I was not to be left alone, for the next 48 hours would be crucial.

From my hospital bed I came across a Bob Proctor video, which truly helped save my life. My thinking had to change right there and then! I was kept in hospital for the next two weeks. It was the most difficult time of my life. The Doctors couldn't believe how I had made a complete turn-around after what my test results were previously showing.

The doctor's very own words were "It is beyond medical explanation how you were admitted into hospital in the condition you were in, and to walk out with a clear bill of health." At this moment I responded

"It is indeed the power of prayer and positive thinking."

I made a promise to God - if he gave me the chance to walk out of hospital with my health intact, I would then not only change my life, but I'd also change the lives of other people. I would ensure that no person I ever come in contact with, has to lie in their death bed with the guilt and regret like I did.

I vowed to turn my life around and stop making excuses of why I couldn't become the success that I always dreamt of. As Bob always used to tell me... I really do need a telescope now to look back at where I once was!

I attended several Bob Proctor seminars. Bob’s words certainly struck a chord with me and finally, I managed to personally speak to Bob.

I told him my story and I explained my situation to him and the money I’d lost, he told me don’t worry about the money, it’s gone and he said,

“Mindy, no matter what, it is never too late to turn your life around. If it's not working your way, why don't you try it my way? Because my way works!"

Of course! Why should it be too late? I’m still alive and there’s still here and now.

He went on to explain to me that there was a good reason why I lost money and until I learned why this happened, I would just go on making the same mistakes over and over. I thought long and hard about this… I will share a little something with you.

Bob has proven methodology behind everything he says, and I was certain to take in every word he says. He is after all a veteran of life-coaching, personal development and the science of getting rich with more than 5 decades of solid and highly successful years behind him.

Bob said to me “do exactly what I say, until you find out that I’m lying or I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t lie and I do know what I’m talking about”.

“My entire life changed – literally overnight.”

So, who better to learn from?

Because I followed everything Bob told me to I have indeed turned my life right around - just like he said I would.

I now have an extensive property portfolio and I am living my dream. Only this time round, I know better.

I’m not the same person I was back then. I’m a much wiser person. I make sound judgments now and I think much more clearly. I have defined goals, and you can too.

I have a destination and I work towards reaching it every day of my life!

I have become the person I always wanted to be and it’s all down to what I learned directly from the world's #1 teacher on human potential, Bob Proctor.

Now I think completely differently and I get results. I have turned my Thinking Into Results… and you can do this too.

Have you heard enough to make a decision yet?

Is this for you?

  • Yes! if you’re struggling to make ends meet either in business or life.
  • Yes! if you want to dramatically increase your sales.
  • Yes! if you desire to manifest your dream day, house, business – life!
  • Yes! if you feel within you that it’s time to turn things around!
  • Yes! if you finally want to once and for all be happy, relaxed and not worrying about bills!
  • Yes! if you desire to become a manifesting machine of what you truly want to experience in life!


YES! I am ready to change my life and get access to this mind-blowing training with Mindy Paul to guide me through and keep me accountable!

I understand that by availing of this special package, I am not only getting the Thinking Into Results program contents but I’m also receiving lots of other Special Bonuses from Mindy Paul.

Unlike other coaches, Mindy will not let you off the hook! Mindy will bust you out of your comfort zone is super fast timing!

  • 24 Guided Weeks. Unlimited email support and guidance from Mindy and his team for my business and life.
  • 12 Powerful Lessons. Step-by-step, easy to follow video tutorials from Bob Proctor himself telling me exactly what I need to do in the next 24 weeks to achieve results.
  • Workbooks & Action Plans. Follow through with designated workbooks for each lesson designed to keep me accountable and on-track.
  • Audio Trainings. Downloadable audio files easily accessible to me so I could stay with my goal wherever and whenever I go.
  • 60-min bi-weekly calls. Connect with Mindy and other business owners who have the same goal as I have – increase and improve my business and life.
  • Live Q & A calls. Questions are encouraged to ensure that I achieve clarity in exactly what steps I need to take to turn things around.

To Sign Up

All I have to do is click the GREEN button below

to GET INSTANT ACCESS to this amazing program!


I own a business but it’s literally at the brink of failing and closure. Is this right for me?

How much time do I need to spend on this program?

What if I have other questions for Mindy in-between the calls?

How soon are we going to start after making a payment?

How fast before I begin to see results?


Stop delaying your fulfilled life!

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