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The Power of Your Imagination

Everything starts with a thought, an idea in someone’s mind. They take that idea, and do one of two things with it:

  1. Begin to have continued thoughts as to all of the reasons, and ways they can bring this idea to its physical reality. In other words the ‘production stage’, just like Steve Jobs did with the iPhone
  2. Think of all of the reasons why you can’t do it and just give up right there and then, until you get the next idea and do the same with it!

We have been gifted with a great gift called IMAGINATION. Those who actually engage their imagination and stick with it, generally find great success, and those that don’t, simply become the product of someone else’s imagination.

Have you ever had a super cool idea where you said to yourself or a friend; “imagine if someone did this…” I’m talking about you having an idea and not having the belief that you could bring that idea into reality.

The truth of the matter is that you already have the potential locked up inside you to do things that you don’t know you’re capable of, because you may have never tried. The potential is equally present within each and every one of us, it’s what we believe about us that pushes us towards great success, or buries us in our hopes and wishes.

Don’t settle for less than you’re capable of.

Don’t you think it’s time to say; ‘I am ready and willing to go after my dreams no matter what!’ Maybe for the first time in your life, make a deep decision that you’re going to do this no matter what. Now… you may start to feel motivated whilst reading these lines, but what you will find, is unless you change your subconscious program (your paradigms which are almost exclusively controlling everything you do from the moment you wake up, until the moment you go sleep), then not much will change permanently!

Your paradigms will forever pull you right back to your comfort zone! Think about the first foot that touches the floor when you get out of bed, think of the hand you use to hold your tooth brush with, these are all habits. They’re certain behaviour patterns that have been installed into your subconscious mind. So if you want to make big changes, and you have been calling yourself a failure in those secret conversations that take place in your mind, or if self-doubt has taken over… then it’s time for a CHANGE!

I was this very same person I’m describing… I was a great starter, the best ideas you could imagine, I would take them so far until my conditioning kicked in and I went downhill. Then I began to hire business mentors, paying tens of thousands of pounds per year to buy their knowledge (literally – I have spent over £150,000 on mentors). I hired one in particular who claimed to be a top business expert, but he ended up putting me in a far worse position with huge amounts of debt – yes, OUCH!

I took on another mentor after that, who gave me great strategies, but I was unable to follow them through because of my very own paradigms always pulling me back. It was only once I began being mentored by the legendary Bob Proctor, who you may have seen in the movie The Secret, did I get a huge jump in my results, in the shortest amount of time. I’m talking months – not years! Bob always says you will need a telescope to look back to where you were a year ago – it’s true! Since I began working with Bob and teaching his information to others, it’s now my clients that tell me they need a telescope to look back to where they were, and you could too…

Nothing pleases me more that seeing my clients go from zero to 60 in super timing through the incredible information I learnt from my mentoring with Bob. This is exclusive information that isn’t available elsewhere. I can relate to many of the people I speak to because they often have felt sick, tired and exhausted of not getting the results they know they deserve.

If you know you’re capable of doing so much than you are doing right now, but for some reason no matter how hard you try, no matter how many hours you work, you just remain where you are, (if not going backwards), I’m here for you. I was there and trust me it’s no fun. No matter how many motivational videos you watch on YouTube, or books your read, your paradigms will ensure you never leave your comfort zone. Just as Bob says, trying to change your results without changing your paradigms first is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make.

If you are really ready for a paradigm shift, and believe it’s time you got what you really want, let’s talk… but you must be serious about success, and willing to put in the time, effort from your end to achieve great results. Let’s chat! Book a call with me here.

Six months from now you can really be in a place you could have never of dreamt of.

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