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The ONE Reason Why Your Results are Average!

It’s time to get real and take it on the chin! I’m going to be blunt here! I used always put the blame on everything else – The economy, the product I was selling was being sold cheaper elsewhere, my branding needed to be perfect… I used to go through graphic designers like crazy, logo after logo, spending endless time blaming my website and its functionally and constantly spending more time on my competitors website than on my own.

I was going nowhere faster than a Lamborghini Aventador attached with two rockets, blaming everything on the outside. Then I’d sit on Youtube watching motivational stories of people who had struggled and made it into multi-millionaire status. I was living with the belief that ‘if it can happen to them, it can happen to me’. But I never took into account the fact that they most probably had to work hard on themselves before their results began to show!

I have seen too many people making the very same mistakes that I made, for almost 2 decades as an Entrepreneur. I was trying to change my results without changing ME first, yes you read that right! I was trying to change the outside without changing me deep down in my subconscious mind first. I didn’t know any of this back then! Whenever I heard the wealthy talking about having to change your mindset, I thought they were referring to being more positive, and taking more action. I went through mentor after mentor, and I landed with a really bad one who had 20 odd business books, who actually slept in his office, but everyone thought he just used to work late – but that’s another story!

I was given strategy after strategy, I’d take more notes than the busiest journalist, I’d take the notes home and I’d just push them out of site.

It was only after meeting my mentor Bob Proctor, the star of the movie ‘The Secret’, that I discovered who I was, and why I hadn’t been taking any action previously! Thanks to Bob, I learnt that I wasn’t where I wanted to be – not because I wasn’t smart enough, but because of the image of me that I was living with – my self-image!

Let me explain this further… take a look at yourself, think of a situation in your life that you’d like to change, think of something that you want to accomplish, but you just don’t believe you can do it. Maybe it’s to get a certain position in your job role, or a certain type of business, but here’s a FACT: If you can never see yourself doing this, then there’s a great chance you won’t! Because the image you have of you is holding you back. My big goal for many years, was to be speaking on stage in front of huge crowds, and I could never ever in a million years see me on stage, and it was all down to the image and beliefs that I had about myself. This is just one example, I could give you thousands of others too!

When I began being mentored my Bob Proctor who was someone I’d been following for over a decade, I realised that NO mentor had ever taught me why I kept getting the limited results I was getting, why I was stuck, and the fact that my self image was controlling everything I was doing. I have spent a serious amount of time & money investing in coaches, mentors, seminars, coaching programs and nothing changed my life like Bob did!

I was sick and tired of not getting the success I wanted, so much self doubt began to kick in, asking myself why on Earth I couldn’t get the results after investing so much money in trying to bust out of my pain! When I met Bob, he told me; “Mindy, it’s not working your way, so why don’t you try my way? Until you find out I’m lying or I don’t know what I’m talking about, do exactly as I say. I don’t lie, and I do know what I’m talking about!”

I wasn’t going to argue with the World’s #1 teacher in Human Potential! Now, I’ve not only busted out of my of old, limiting self image, I’m also working alongside Bob Proctor, being coached by him and helping people just like you to get from where you are right now, to where you want to get to!

If you really want serious results in your business, your financial situation, or even if you have been chasing after that dream job promotion that will give you and your family a better lifestyle, without having worries keeping you up at night – I can show you why you are where you are, and how to get seriously fast results! It’s time for a massive jump in the amount of money you earn! If it’s not working your way, don’t you think it makes perfect sound sense to try it someone else’s way that works? Schedule a call slot with me here and let’s discuss how I can help you.

See you at the top – and remember, as I always say; “Things change, when you change!”

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