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My Final 48 Hours Left on Earth

It was a dark time in my life…

Can you relate, when you place a blind eye to everything going wrong in your life and you temporarily mask your pain with things you think will make you happy. You buy the holidays, clothes, cars, anything you feel that you still have control over, to make up for the fact that you have no control over the tragedies happening to you.

I used to be exactly like that, mainly because I believed I had no control of the things happening to me at the time, so I’d turn my back on it and I’d do things that I still had control over like buy things with money I didn’t have, I’d do it even though it only lead to temporary happiness. Then a day later I’d be back to feeling sad, lost, angry. Can you relate? It’s not nice being in a situation like this, I know first hand.

Before I got the heart breaking news… I had gone through the pain, I spent years trying to fix my life in ways you can’t even think of – I attended every seminar on earth, read every self-help book, invested in mentors which turned out to be scammers, I trusted no one after that point. A mentor is meant to be your friend but I was ripped off and left in very heavy debt. I spent months sat on Youtube getting pumped up with motivation on videos then I was back to being deflated hours later.

I had spent over £150,000 (this is no joke) on fixing every aspect of my outside life, when in reality I had to fix what’s inside. My mindset. My way of thinking. Oh, how I wish somebody would have told me this 10 years back. But everything in life happens when you’re ready to have it and I know this now.

Bob if you read this, you gave me the turning point in my life. I was in a very bad place and out of the goodness of your own heart you showed me what no one else did!

Back in 2016 when the doctors told me:

You have 48 hours on this earth, we are sorry Mr Paul, would you like us to contact your children and family?

They had run every single test on my heart, on my brain, every single time, the test showed the same results. My body was at the final stages of shutting down. In the Doctor’s own words, “What I see on the scans would have shocked me if you were in your 70s but you’re only 38. Your condition is very serious Mr Paul. I’m sorry.” They then placed a nurse in my room to watch over me and she was given very clear instructions to not leave me alone for a single second – because… well, you can figure out the why.

I don’t expect anybody to understand what it’s like to be told that you are breathing for your final 48 hours.

I remembered your exact words Bob, that a Doctor’s opinion, is nothing but their own opinion. I refused to have another human decide when I’m going to die!

I hid myself under the duvet in that hospital for hours, and refused to listen to anyone, I shut everyone out at that point. I just didn’t want to hear what they had to say. I can either accept my own death at that point, and leave two young children without a father, or I can fight.

I chose to fight. They can KEEP their opinion. I turned to a video that gave me the key to heal myself. It’s called “Your unlimited health potential” by Bob Proctor. I watched that on replay for hours and I did exactly what Bob said, I didn’t hope or think I was going to get better, I KNEW I was going to get better. I felt that I was healthy and healed at every level of my mind, heart, spirit, I saw myself with my kids growing old, good in health…

Days later, the same Doctor walks in. “Mr Paul, I have been at the top level of my profession for 35 years. We have ran the same tests on you which we ran only days ago. I have never seen anybody in your condition walk out with a clear bill of health, your tests came back clean. How did you do this?” And I remember my answer was, “It’s the power of prayer and positive thinking”. – “There is no medical explanation to this.” – He replied.

After this, I vowed that no human that I ever come in contact with has to lie on death bed with their unaccomplished dreams staring at them in the face asking why you never gave them life.

For anybody reading this that’s suffering from poor health, I want you to watch this very same video that gave me the key to save my life. Bob Proctor – Your Unlimited Health Potential

Today, I am proud to be mentored by the world’s greatest teacher of all time, Bob Proctor. The most powerful person in the personal industry. No human alive knows how the mind works better than Bob. And I will be thanking him for the rest of my life, for everything he has done for me and I vow to make him proud! Today I live to share the very same teachings that changed my life, with those that truly want permanent happiness.

The opinion of your doctor, friend, family, neighbour is just an opinion. As Bob says, those people are the same ones who believe they are a victim of circumstance and that the world dictates over their life. You have to believe your life is going to get better.

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