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How a Millionaire’s Mind is Different to Ours

Hey you! You money making machine. It’s time for you to be above average.

Why is it that some people make it on the rich list, while others (maybe you) still struggle? I have broken down the answer in very simple terms for you to understand, apply to your life and achieve it.

Let’s begin! Millionaires have a VERY different mindset to the mindset of pretty much 99% of the population. You see, they don’t think about why they can’t do things. They ponder on why then can do them. They have doubts that creep into their minds as every other human, but they grab a boxing glove and they punch the heck out of these doubts and just get on with it anyway! They could easily contemplate for weeks as to why they shouldn’t do it, write down a list of pros and cons, calculate their budget accordingly… do all those things that average people tend to do. It’s not wrong to watch what you spend, but be very careful in the way you behave around money.

Let me explain: Your relationship to money determines how much you will earn in life. Sit back right now and think about your relationship with money. Do you believe money is bad to have? Do you believe money is “evil” or “dirty”? Are you pushing it away? Do you believe that you’re simply not ‘lucky’ enough to have millions? Wealth isn’t down to luck. While some individuals, are indeed born to billionaire parents, that’s not necessarily what makes them wealthy. They are wealthy because they believe that money is easy to obtain, money adores them and they will never be short of it. And that’s exactly why they’re constantly attracting increasing amounts of money into their life, even while they sleep.

If Mr Money knocks on your front door right now and you open the door unwantingly, you don’t offer it the respect or the appreciation it deserves, why should Mr Money ever visit you again? If you don’t respect money, it simply won’t feel welcome enough to come into your life. Wealthy people have a very healthy relationship with money. They grew up around money, they feel comfortable around it. Likewise, their children will also grow up around money, from an early age they’re exposed to it and realise that money is good to have, money is provides financial freedom, they want it. Wealthy people respect money, they crave it, they welcome it with open arms and therefore they attract loads of it, at the speed of light. The key to success lies in your own mind.

In order to become a millionaire you must change your current negative beliefs about yourself and about money. If you don’t believe that you deserve money, then you simply won’t attract it. Notice earlier, I mentioned that wealthy children end up being wealthy adults because they grew up with very healthy beliefs about money? Well, back on this side of the world, the average person grows up with VERY different beliefs about money, which reflects their ability to perform in life.

Fact: Our sub-conscious mind can only accept, it cannot reject.

I want you to enter the window of your mind right now and take yourself back in time to when you were a baby, a child, a teenager. Did you often hear your family, friends, the environment, the school and your co-workers talking negatively? You probably heard statements like “we need to work hard for money”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “without a degree, you’ll end up scavenging the streets”, or simply “God doesn’t want us to have money”. These statements are the reason why you are failing at being a millionaire. These beliefs became imprinted deep into a section of our sub-conscious mind, and they turned into what’s called a paradigm. Paradigms control every aspect of your life, from the way we talk and walk, to how you behave and succeed. Negative paradigms will attract negative results, and vice versa.

Do you ever wonder why your results are limited? Why you’ve simply not had your major break-through in life? Take a look at your inside world (your paradigms) and realise that your inside world is a direct reflection of your outside world. You could have big goals set in place, know the perfect ABC’s to achieving them, you might have even attended tens of seminars and read endless books on how to be rich, but as long as you’re living with these negative beliefs imprinted in your mind, you will never, ever achieve what you’re truly capable of.

Don’t like your current results? The only way to permanently change them is by eliminating your negative paradigms. Paradigms are installed in your sub-conscious through repetition. It has taken years of environmental conditioning to get you to where you are today. You can indeed eliminate your current toxic paradigms, and although these paradigms can only be tarnished through emotional impact, or by indulging in elite level coaching, you can always simply start by using repetition of an affirmation of your choice to replace your existing paradigms.

Look at how much money there is in the world. There’s an unlimited supply of it. Regardless of what you grew up believing, there is no shortage of money. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from earning what you truly desire. Remember, the only limits are lying inside your own mind.

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