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3 Essential Steps to Gain Clarity

Ah brain fog… We have all felt like this at some point in life. Sooner or later we find ourselves stuck in a rut and overloaded with information, and it becomes a challenge to move forward in business and/or life, the way you’d like to. All of a sudden, that clear vision you once had […]

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1 My Final 48 Hours Left on Earth

It was a dark time in my life… Can you relate, when you place a blind eye to everything going wrong in your life and you temporarily mask your pain with things you think will make you happy. You buy the holidays, clothes, cars, anything you feel that you still have control over, to make […]

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The Power of Your Imagination

Everything starts with a thought, an idea in someone’s mind. They take that idea, and do one of two things with it: Begin to have continued thoughts as to all of the reasons, and ways they can bring this idea to its physical reality. In other words the ‘production stage’, just like Steve Jobs did […]

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The ONE Reason Why Your Results are Average!

It’s time to get real and take it on the chin! I’m going to be blunt here! I used always put the blame on everything else – The economy, the product I was selling was being sold cheaper elsewhere, my branding needed to be perfect… I used to go through graphic designers like crazy, logo […]

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