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3 Essential Steps to Gain Clarity

Ah brain fog…

We have all felt like this at some point in life.

Sooner or later we find ourselves stuck in a rut and overloaded with information, and it becomes a challenge to move forward in business and/or life, the way you’d like to.

All of a sudden, that clear vision you once had fades away… and all you’re left with is a foggy mental block.

Here are 3 essential steps you must take in order to get rid of that lack of mental clarity:

3) Stop Dwelling
Unless you take complete control over your mind, you’re going to find yourself going round and round in circles, remeniscing on all of those “what ifs” and wishing you could do change things that you no longer have control over.

You know very well that this is doing more damage than good.

You need to train yourself to stop thinking so much!

There are a few exercises you can do when you feel like you’re coming to a mental block. Sit quietly for 20 minutes, in silence. Vividly imagine there is an empty jar in front of you. Open this jar (mentally) and begin to empty out all of these negative and toxic thoughts that have been keeping you restless.

Now, stop thinking. Literally. You must sit quietly, take full control of your mind and not allow any thoughts to enter your mind. People call this medidating… You can call it what you want! Just like the body, the mind also needs to rest.

2) Quit Limiting Beliefs
Whether you’re familiar with limiting beliefs or not (most of you are, if you’ve been reading my content for a while)… These are mental blocks that have been set up in our subconscious mind for decades.

Limiting beliefs constrain us and they ensure that any progress you make is temporary.

Examples of a limiting belief… “I am a quitter” or “I am too young/old” or “Why would somebody listen to me?”

These are the limits you impose on yourself. And only you can get rid of them!

1) Take Ownership
Clarity is a choice you make. If you’re anything like I used to be, then you’re probably blaming outside circumstance for the way you’re feeling. Truth is, you’re fully responsible for the way you’re operating right now.

Your own thoughts have gotten you to where you are today.

Now you must make a decision and committ to improving your situation. You can now choose to gain clarity, or you can choose to remain stuck.

The most important step is to recognise that your mind is scattered and fogged up, so you can actively seek out effective solutions to point you in the right path. The choice is yours.

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