Mindy Paul 

Mindy Paul wasn’t envisioning a future of entrepreneurial success in his early days. Raised in a small home located in Bedfordshire, England, where he resided with his two sisters, parents and grandfather, Mindy is a true testimony that no condition is permanent.

As a teenager, Mindy’s lack of interest to school work and troublesome behaviour often resulted in him being labelled as someone who will “never amount to anything in life”. The label and stigma stayed with him, damaging his self-image, although later on, his Business Studies teacher went on to save him from being excluded after getting himself in serious trouble, by labelling him as ‘the most capable student’.

Growing up, he would often hear that there is a shortage of money in the household, and without an education, success is impossible to achieve. He believed that he needed to either be a Doctor, Lawyer or an Engineer in order to attain money which was a belief highly regarded in the culture.

Passionate to earn money and aged only 13, Mindy recalls boarding a train to London on his own and encountering Wholesalers that supplied fancy cigarette lighters, of which he purchased in packs of 12 and went on to sell in the school playground, tripling his profit. It was at this time when he discovered his passion for the art of Thai kick-boxing, which led him to professionally compete in many successful fights until his early 30s.

Mindy left school aged 17 and immediately went on to work part-time in a retail shop. Mindy would often be asked by his Manager to clean his car for extra pocket money, which led him to became recognised for his strong attention to detail and this quickly turned into a small business idea, in which he began cleaning cars around the neighbourhood for tidy profits. However, Mindy’s young daring entrepreneurial side truly emerged when he went on to borrow £1,500 from his parents to set up his first successful business – a carpet cleaning company, aged only 19. At this point, he was earning more money in a day than his friends would be earning in 2 weeks working 40 hour weeks. He then went on to set up a successfully-run convenience store and a number of online and offline businesses.

Mindy often dreamt of living in a big house and was fascinated by super cars. As an only son, he felt immense pressure to step up, in order to provide a better life for his family. He soon found himself establishing a performance car hire company and hiring out Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, although he had to close this company down during the 2006 recession. He even built a lucrative business from the ground up after springing into action and flying out to the Far East to import stock after only 3 days of the idea coming to mind.

Before he knew it, he was in his early 20s purchasing his dream car, the Porsche 911. He knew he was heading somewhere great. It was at this point that Mindy set the bar high and delved into property investment, which led him to become the Property Millionaire he is today. Life couldn’t be going any better.

It was only until a friend suggested to Mindy that he should hire a Business Mentor to really take him to the next level, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse. He ended up with a Mentor that led Mindy to believe he is really just a stone throw away from reaching his multi millions. This Mentor wasn’t who he claimed to be and Mindy was given terrible advice, which he unfortunately took. This left him heavily in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy.

At this point, Mindy’s life had been turned upside down and really struggled with his finances. He believed that he was completely exempt from the Universal laws of getting rich and that God meant for him to be in this situation. By the time his daughter was born in 2012, Mindy was really suffering from serious depression and felt like a complete failure of a father and a son.

Things turned from bad to worse when on a quiet evening, Mindy was relaxing at home with his family when he suddenly felt an extreme blow on the side of his head, which resulted in him being unable to move or speak. He was rushed to hospital and placed on constant watch, with top consultants labelling the next 48 hours as “critical”. Doctors had suspected a bleed to his brain but a multitude of scans began showing very serious problems with his heart which worried Doctors labelled as “concerning signs for a 78 year old to present, however shocking for a healthy and fit 38 year old like yourself”.

Mindy lay in hospital for eleven days and recalled Les Brown saying “when you are laying on your death bed and your dreams come to you and say ‘we came to you but you killed us. Why did you kill us?'” Mindy was left with a choice to either give up, or fight the biggest fight of his life. His condition was serious, but he couldn’t leave two children without a father. He recalls watching a Bob Proctor video on health over and over again and praying with all the energy that he had. He will never forget the moment the Doctor sat on the side of his hospital bed and said “Mr Paul, it is beyond medical explanation and I have never encountered this in the 30 years I have been a Doctor, but the latest scans have returned clear.” At this moment Mindy responded; “It is indeed the power of prayer and positive thinking”.

Today, after hiring a new Mentor, Mindy has worked his way out of debt and into financial freedom. He is now a very successful property investor with an extensive properties portfolio to his name. Mindy strives to educate individuals that the power of belief, has the capability of attracting any result you truly desire in life, no matter how big or small. He shares his miraculous experience with the world and knows firsthand what it takes to rise from the ashes and begin a new cycle.

His message is simple: “No matter what, it is never too late to change your life around. If it’s not working your way, try someone else’s way that’s proven to work!”

Mindy has attended many of Bob Proctor’s events and highlights the particular moment he was on a phone call to Bob expressing to him the loss of money in his life. It was then that Bob responded “There was a lesson to why you lost the money, until you learn what the lesson is, you will certainly lose it again”.

Mindy knows the importance of investing in yourself. He now lives his mission everyday by teaching others the ins and outs of success as a Thinking Into Results consultant. He has direct experience with overcoming major downfalls and wishes to share his hard-earned wisdom with the world. Get in touch by booking a life changing 30 minute free session with Mindy today to see how you can start to live your dream life! This call will be the most important call you make in your life.