​Is Your Business Struggling to Make Ends Meet?

​This ​probably sounds like you:

  • ​​I'm exausted, working endless hours and making no progress
  •  I can see other people doing very well in business, yet I'm still stuck
  •  I've lost the passion for my business that I once had
  •  ​​I​ know I should be doing certain things, but I keep procrastinating
  •  ​I​'m paying out more than I'm making
  •  ​I'm lost! I've run out of ideas​, ​who do I turn to now?

​Great news.. Say goodbye to​ all of the above - WE ​ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

  • Find out what has been holding you back all your life…
  • Find out why your thoughts are sabotaging your success…
  • Get ready for immense success, you're in the right place!


​Pleased to meet you - I'm Mindy Paul

Hi there!

I'm Mindy Paul, the Founder of Mindy Paul Coaching. I'm also going to be your mentor during your amazing 6-month ​business-building journey… I couldn't be more excited to work with you - and you couldn't be here at a better time!

I've had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored by Bob Proctor, ​who I'm now working closely with. I'm delighted to be sharing the information and teachings I've learnt from Bob, with incredible, success-hungry ​business owners who truly desire a permanent change in their ​results!

Believe me, I know the importance of investing in yourself. I'm living my mission everyday by ​​teachings others the secrets to fast paced success beyond your wildest imagination.​ Over the past decade, I've spent over $150,000 in personal development and absolutely NOTHING has taught me what my mentor Bob Proctor has taught me. Once you apply his teachings, your results will change INSTANTLY. Bottom line.

​I'd like to congratulate you for ​searching for a solution to ​the problems you're currently facing. You are only weeks away from seeing ​your business transform itself into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE business

There's no time like the present - it's time to say ​YES to success!​

​Let me introduce you to The Game Changer...

The Thinking Into Results program is a​ phenomenal 24-week, ​life changing ​business transformational program, ​​put together by the world's #1 expert on human potential, Bob Proctor. This program is based on the 57+ years of Bob's research and teachings - and it has already reached millions of people worldwide, taking people from earning zero into the millions, time and time again. And now it's your time to do the same! You will be working with the natural laws of the universe.

This program is personally delivered to you by Mindy Paul who is a serial successful entrepreneur, world-wide mentor and a millionaire. Mindy is also a property investor with a very impressive property portfolio and land investments beyond the UK. Mindy's a real business champ with vast experience in online & offline businesses, retail, import, export, you name it! Mindy works directly with Bob Proctor and he's also a member of Bob’s exclusive elite inner circle.

Bob has been in the personal development industry for over half a century and has featured in worldwide sensations like The Secret. No wonder he's been named America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher!

If you want to begin attracting the exact clients you'd LOVE to work with, and build your business and life the way you've always dreamed of, it's time for you to take part in this awesome program! 

​Did you know? You ​DON'T have to work long and hard to be highly successful​!

​Time to let go of those negative beliefs that you've had on becoming successful. ​"You don't get rich by doing certain things, you get rich by doing things in a certain way. " - Wallace D. Wattles

​I promise you, I'm going to show you in simple terms why you've been getting disappointing results time and time again. ​Is it your absolute dream to be the proud owner of an extremely successful business? If your results are suffering right now, it's most probably your sabotaging habits and beliefs that are bringing your business to a halt. We need to get to the root cause that created your sabotaging beliefs or behaviour in the first place. Here's a tip: take a look at your outside world. It's actually a direct reflection of what's happening inside.

Okay.. so ​here's​ your make or break moment: Unless you change your paradigm, your results will NEVER permanently change. 

So what the heck is a paradigm? ​A paradigm is a multitude of habits that are stored in a deep section of your subconscious mind, and it controls everything you do. ​​​​Your results, are controlled by your paradigms. We have to get to the paradigm and change it into something that’s going to serve you, instead of keeping you stuck where you are, only to see the same dreaded results show up again and again. No wonder over 90% of businesses are stuck in a dead end!

To take your business and income to the next level you must first undo all the false beliefs you have come to accept about money, ​work and success. It's time to begin living the life you truly want and deserve...

Think about this. Why is it that a lot of the time, we want to take ACTION in our business, but procrastination and worry kicks in? Why is it that we do things we know we shouldnt do, but we still do them, and they give us results that we dont want, but we continue to do the same thing time and time again​?! We know what we should be doing, ​but we can't seem to do it! Why? Because we're actually PROGRAMMED to remain within our comfort zone. Unless you make a permanent SHIFT in the way you think, your paradigm will ensure it does anything possible to stop you making a positive change.

Many highly successful people from all over the world have learned the REAL secrets to finding great wealth and success in every area of their lives. It's now your turn!

Have you read enough to make a decision?



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